Jun Amparo Interviews Chairman Edward K. Lee of COL Financial Group, Inc.


Investing in paper asset is one of the investment instruments for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who might want to diversify their investment portfolio.

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To educate the public especially the OFWs, Jun Amparo, Co-Founder of The Pinoy Legacy and author of the book OMG! OFW’s Money is Gone, conducted an interview with Chairman Edward K. Lee, Chairman and Founder of COL Financial Group, Inc.

COL Financial, formerly CitisecOnline, is the leading and fastest-growing online stockbrokerage firm in the Philippines. In 2008, COL Financial was ranked as the number 1 stockbroker by the Philippine Stock Exchange, outranking over 100 stockbrokers by having the highest number of trade transactions in the market and continue to maintain that position, according to its webpage.

In addition, COL Financial Group has over 2,500 customers and they continue to educate many Filipino investors by giving seminars about investing in paper asset such as mutual funds and stock market. Through the COL Financial platform, anyone can invest online with an initial amount of Php5,000 especially OFWs who are working abroad.

Chairman Edward K. Lee believes that it’s possible for OFWs to achieve financial freedom by teaching the three basic laws of money: pay yourself first, know where to put it, and let money know work for you.

In addition to long-term investing to minimize risks or volatility, he also emphasized the need to have a solid financial education, discipline, and commitment.

The Skype interview was conducted last November 8, 2017.

To watch the full interview below, scroll down below.

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