How To Invest In The Stock Market And Mutual Funds Using Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)


Proper guidance is essential when it comes to investing. If you are an OFW, it’s great to have a mentor who will guide you along the way so that your hard-earned money will grow over time. However, you will need a stock broker like COL Financial to start investing in the stock market and mutual funds.

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Let me share with you the investment strategy I have been using for almost three years. Below is an example of the Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) table from the Truly-Rich-Club (TRC) where you can see recommended stocks and mutual funds to buy:

Strategic Averaging Method
Figure 1: This photo is for information purpose only.

The table has seven columns. The first column indicates the codename of the recommended stocks from different companies. For example, you will see AC which represents Ayala Corporations, CEB for Cebu Pacific Airlines Company, and MER which represents Meralco company.

Let’s take a look at Ayala Corporation as our example. The current price of AC is Php872.00 pesos per share while CEB is Php99.70 per share. Let say you want to buy stocks from AC but you don’t know when would be the right time to buy shares. Just take a look at the third column and check the “buy below.” As long as the target price is not yet hit and it’s under buy below price (AC 784.35), you can buy the stocks.

There is also an “Action to Take” at the last column so you will be guided when to buy and sell stocks. In addition, the maximum percentage (Max %) in column six is useful to diversify and balance your investment portfolio. This table is updated daily so you will be advised on what stocks to buy every time you fund your COL account.

Below is an example of the Strategic Averaging Method table from TRC where you can see recommended mutual funds to buy:

Figure 2: This photo is for information purpose only.

Mutual fund is also a great alternative investment aside from stock. In some cases, the recommendation of what stocks to buy is “on hold” or “stop buying.” In this case, you might want to try investing in mutual funds to maximize the time and the buying power from your account.

For instance, when I funded my account every month and I noticed that there are no available options to buy in stocks, I bought mutual funds instead. This table is also updated every day.

If you want to learn more about stock market investing, I encourage you to read “My Maid Invest in the Stock Market” by Bro. Bo Sanchez. To know more about the Strategic Averaging Method of TRC, please leave a message below or you can visit my blog

May God continue to bless your financial journey. Happy investing!

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Jun Amparo

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