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PHUKET: A foreigner and a hilltribe man were apprehended Wednesday, March 29, by Phuket Tourist Police for allegedly working illegally for a photography studio.

They were caught in the act working as photographers without proper employment documents.

The suspects – Li Ming Xing, 25, a Chinese national and Awoi Jathor, 22, a Chiangrai hilltribe man, told Phuket Tourist Police they are working for a Chinese agent through a Phuket based photography studio.

According to complaints, the two have been conducting ‘pre-nuptial’ shoots tours at major tourist areas all over Phuket.

Capt. Ekkachai Siri of Phuket Tourist Police told The Nation the two suspects failed to produce work permits during verification and inquest proceedings so they were charged with ‘working in Thailand without permission’.

The two are now facing 5-year jail time, a fine of 100,000 baht or both.

The ‘Love Island Wedding Studio Co. Ltd.’ could also face a fine of 100,000 baht per employee following charges pressed by Tourist Police authorities for unlicensed foreign workers.

Most hilltribe people are not recognized as Thai citizens although they are born in Thailand.

Reports did not mention if the Chinese national could face deportation.

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