VIDEO: Huge snake in the middle of the road tries to snatch passing cars


A video of a man driving past a huge snake in the middle of the road and opening its mouth to attack made rounds on social media. 

Tiktok user @naveteepung posted the clip of a large snake, presumed to be a python, trying to snatch passing cars.

The clip started with a sedan in front of them slowing down to drive past the snake in the middle of the road. The snake opened its mouth and tried to bite the car — making people filming the situation cry out in shock as the car moved forward.

When it was their time, the driver who took the clip tried to dodge the huge snake. However, the serpent opened its mouth again and tried to give their car a big bite. Everyone in the car, especially the driver, shouted loudly again.

Several netizens shared their thoughts saying that the snake was also shocked and possibly confused. Others, on the other hand, said that watching the moment the snake tried to snatch the car made them raise their legs as well.

Watch the clip below.

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