Huge python devours Persian cat in Ang Thong


A huge python devoured a Persian cat in Ang Thong’s Pho Thong District.

Ang Thong rescue workers were notified that a large python swallowed a male Persian cat. The serpent, according to a report, was having trouble slithering due to a full stomach.

Mr. Narongrat Thattiam, the house owner, said that his son adopted four Persian cats and built a house for them next to theirs. When he checked the situation of the felines, he found that the huge python was eating the 7-month-old male Persian cat.

The three Persian cats were panicking and making noises so he immediately opened the door to let the rest of the cats out.

The snake, which was about 3 meters long, was revealed to be a male.

Rescuers put it in a bag and released it back to nature.

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