Thai taxi driver returns 70,000 baht in valuables to Indian tourist


Bangkok, Thailand  – Thai taxi drivers continue to receive a bad rap after the recent incident involving a taxi driver who was charged of raping and then later abandoning a Brazilian tourist in Suphan Buri on Wednesday, April 26.

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But not all Thai taxi drivers are bad says Panumart Jaranchon, who restored the image of taxi drivers in Thailand after returning a handbag to an Indian tourists yesterday.

The  handbag, which contain 50, 000 baht, 23,000 rupees and other valuables including a gold necklace, was inadvertently forgotten by the tourist as reported by Sanook.

Panumart noticed a cream colored handbag on the back console after he had brought an Indian lady called Preza and her husband Abhishek Kamawat, 35, to the Amari Watergate Hotel in Pratunam from Pattaya on Wednesday, ThaiVisa reported.

The couple were traced from the lady’s credit card after Panumart contacted 1644 at the FM91 radio station, ThaiVisa added.

‘Every occupation has good and bad people. When I hear about drivers doing bad things I feel terrible,” Panumart said, adding that he always tried to do good things and, though this incident was being publicized, he tried not to shout about it.

His honesty earned him 5,000 baht, but the respect from people he came across with is absolutely invaluable.

Photo: Sanook

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