Heatwave to hit Thailand in April with mercury rising to 43° Celsius


The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) said the temperature in April will rise as high as 43 degrees Celsius.

TMD director-general Chomparee Chompurat announced the summer season will start in late February and will end in Mid-May, adding that April will be the hottest month.

Chomparee also said that Thailand will start getting hot next month but mornings in the North and Northeast will continue to be cool due to high-pressure conditions from China

The country expects a temperature of 40-43 degrees Celsius for most of April with tropical storms and hail coming in to cool off the extreme heat.

According to Chomparee as reported by The Nation, tropical storms will be accompanied by low-pressure masses in upper Thailand coupled with southeast winds that will blow humidity from the Gulf of Thailand.

Chomparee added that southwest monsoon will bring heat, rain and storm across most of the country from late April to May.

She predicted that heavy rain will hit most of Thailand from mid-May.

Source: The Nation

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