Health insurance now a requirement for Non O-A visa effective 31 Oct


BANGKOK — Foreigners applying for a Non O-A visa will now be required to have health insurance starting on October 31st. This will guarantee them of medical treatment while staying in the kingdom for a period not exceeding one year.

According to Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha as reported by Thai PBS World, the result of the government’s promotion of health tourism is positive, adding that the number of foreigners coming to Thailand for medical treatment is increasing. Therefore, long-stay foreigners, particularly the elderly, should have health insurance coverage to ensure they get medical treatment when needed.

Non O-A visas allow foreigners to stay in Thailand for one year. That said, foreigners who apply for the said visa will now be required to have a health insurance policy purchased either in their home country or in Thailand, said Mr. Sathit, adding that aging foreigners will be the first to be required to have health insurance because they are more likely to require medical attention, the report added.

Additionally, the Health Support Department has developed a central website that links to the websites of all relevant agencies and to provide a one-stop service to foreigners, the deputy health minister said.

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