Haze problem in Chiang Mai likely to stay until May


The haze problem and health-threatening air pollution due to uncontrolled forest fires and burning of vegetation waste in the northern province of Chiang Mai will likely be staying until early May, said Associate Professor Seth Sampattakul, chief of the Climate Change Center at Chiang Mai University, on Friday.

Day-to-day records show an above the standard level of 50 microns, but the measured air quality in the district of Samoeng recently poses a serious health threat at over 500 microns.

According to Seth, despite the authorities effort to fight forest fires, farmers are stepping up burning of farm waste in preparation for the next land cultivation, and this is the reason the haze problem is worsening.

Chiang Mai governor has come under heavy criticism for his failure to tackle the worsening haze problem after
the level of PM2.5 dust particles in the province broke world records for several days.

Source: Thai PBS

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