Happy Teacher’s Day! Teacher goes beyond and above to make sure student attends school


Today marks Teacher’s Day in Thailand. Here’s a story that will make you feel proud of your profession as a teacher

Teachers serve many roles in the classroom. Some of these roles are: educate students that are placed in their care, build a warm environment, as well as guide and nurture students.

But there are teachers who serve more roles outside the school. One of them is Khun Khru Poom who, on Monday, went beyond and above his role in the classroom as a teacher.

One of Khun Khru Poom students at Bang Plama School in Suphanburi, sent him a text message saying that he could not come to his class. The school’s location was far from his house and his parents were unable to take him.

However, that didn’t stop the super teacher to do what he think was right. Because he didn’t want his student to miss what he might learn on that day, Teacher Poom rode his motorcycle to fetch his student. With the help of location technology, the teacher was soon riding with his student to school.

The student was unable to be with his friends to pay respect to the Thai flag and sing the country’s national anthem at 8 am, but he was in time to learn the first lesson of the day.

Netizens positively commented on the story saying that what Teacher Poom did was a mark of a real and dedicated teacher in Thailand.

Source: Sanook, Thaivisa

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