Graduating students in Basilan attend graduation with feet submerged in floodwaters


BASILAN: Feet submerged in floodwaters, but that didn’t deter graduating students of Balas Elementary School in Lamitan City to attend their graduation ceremony.

About 50 graduating students braved the floodwaters of the school’s multipurpose hall; a result of a heavy downpour on Wednesday.

According to school principal Maria Nava as reported by ABS-CBN, boys who were in their uniform and girls wearing white dresses, took their shoes and socks off and attended the school’s commencement exercise in ankle-deep flood since the school didn’t have time to look for another venue.

Some parents expressed dismay at the situation, saying their kids were forced to take part in the ceremonies when the school could have come up with a solution, the report added.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a parent told ABS-CBN that school administration, knowing that Lamitan has been experiencing heavy rains since last week, could have find ways to do the graduation elsewhere.

The location of the multi-purpose hall is known to be a flood prone area, said Ibrahim Ballaho, Balas village chief.

Photo Credit: Arvialyn Sabdulla

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