GrabBikers offer Korat shooting survivors free ride back home

  • GrabBikers gave a free ride back home to people escaping the shopping mall

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — The dark cloud hanging over Korat will linger for some time, if not forever, especially to those whose family members were victims of the mass shooting at Terminal 21.

More than 25 innocent lives were taken when a soldier opened fire indiscriminately at one of the largest shopping malls in the city.

However, despite the situation the city experienced, we can always see a light even in the darkest hours.

When the shooting took place, a group of GrabBike drivers offered to send survivors escaping the shopping mall a free ride back home.

One of the GrabBike drivers, BastiAn Rawu, posted on Facebook that he and his friends were volunteering their services for free.

Pray For Korat GrabBikers

Translation: Please share it! For survivors of the shooting incident at Terminal 21 who need to head back home, we will drive you back home for free. You can find us in front of Big C near Krungsri Bank, or ask the officers nearby. 

The GrabBikers also offered the same service during the mourning ceremony on the 10th of February.

GrabBikers in Korat
The sign on their backs read “Free service”

His post has over 19k shares and 10k comments with netizens expressing their appreciation for the rider’s actions, while other comments were wishes of success and happiness as well as hopes that they will continue doing good things to people.

Some of the comments translated into English are as follows:

That was great! Wishing you all the happiness.
Even if this wasn’t a really huge thing, it’s a small action that has great power.
Thank you all for doing something good to bring some light to this bad situation.

What you guys did deserves commendation. In Filipino, we say, “Maraming salamat po at mabuhay po kayo.”

Source: TheSmartLocal Thailand

Terminal 21 in Korat will reopen its doors to public on February 13

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