Government won’t impose lockdown yet to curb Omicron variant: PM


PM Prayut Chan-ocha said that the government would not impose a countrywide lockdown yet in an attempt to block the Omicron variant from making its way into the country.

The World Health Organisation dubbed Omnicron, a strain of coronavirus first detected from southern Africa, as a “variant of concern.”

“Strong measures, such as a lockdown across the country, will not be used yet as the government will carefully consider the impacts on the economy and tourism while choosing suitable measures that can keep people safe,” Prayut said.

“As of now, we will focus on implementing the Covid Free Setting in as many areas as possible.”

Prayut also encouraged everyone to make themselves fully vaccinated whenever they can.

“It is not advisable to wait for a new vaccine specifically made for the new variant as the old variants still exist in Thailand,” he pointed out.

The premier added that he instructed the Public Health and the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration to prepare for the Omicron threat by following the situation closely and stocking adequate vaccines and treatment drugs.

“People should also continue to maintain discipline and keep their guard up against the virus,” he advised.

“Most importantly, please be patient and understand that the reopening of some provinces and businesses might have to be delayed due to the threat of the new variant. The government has to do this for the sake of everyone,” he said.

“The cabinet will soon consider remedial measures for entrepreneurs of certain businesses in high-risk areas that will need to remain closed until the situation improves,” Prayut promised.

Source: The Nation

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