Government considers allowing foreigners to enter Thailand anew


The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CSSA) is taking into account whether to give a go signal to four groups of foreigners to enter Thailand, Bangkok Post reported on Tuesday.

According to CSSA, the first group are the foreign trade fair organisers who will be allowed to stay in Thailand for a limited time. The second consists of film production crews with clear production schedules and shooting locations.

The third group of consists of foreign workers from neighbouring countries, and the last group are foreign travellers on medical and wellness programmes.

CCSA spokesman Taweesilp Visanuyothin said if these foreigners are allowed to come, “all must stay in state or hospital quarantine for 14 days.”

The average cost of a 14-day stay at state quarantine venues is about 14,000 baht, not including medicines.

Addressing the people’s concerns over foreign diplomats staying in condominiums, the spokesperson told Bangkok Post that the Foreign Affairs Ministry has asked all embassies in Thailand to make sure that their diplomats observe quarantine requirements.

Meanwhile, CSSA also urged would-be Thai returnees to isolate at alternative accommodation and pay for their own quarantine expenses in order to reduce the strain on the government’s finances.

Referring to the increasing number of returnees, Dr. Taweesilp said that more venues will have to be designated as state quarantine venues, increasing the burden on the government.

“More than 60,000 Thais have returned to Thailand on repatriation flights to date,” he added.

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