Giant monitor lizard caught hiding inside a woman’s house in Ang Thong


A woman in Ang Thong province said that she found a giant monitor lizard running through her garden and then into her home.

Donlaya Sirichan narrated that she saw the giant monitor lizard running through her garden then into her house yesterday, December 27. She immediately phoned the local rescue team so that it could be released back into nature.

The 29-year-old woman said this is her first time to see a lizard this size but instead of being negative about the situation, she believes the reptile will bring her luck.

She said she will buy lottery tickets with both her home number and car number.

The local rescue team who responded to the call confirmed that the lizard caught hiding in the storage room was truly as big as Donlaya claimed.

The 3-meter long lizard is now safe and waiting to be released back into nature away from villages.

Source: Khaosod 

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