Frequently Asked Questions About LET for Filipino Teachers in Bangkok


Finally! The Professional Regulation Commission will hold its first Licensure Examination for Filipino teachers or LET in Bangkok, Thailand. A few months from now, we will have our first batch of licensed overseas Filipino educators.  For those who are interested in taking the exam, you might have a handful of questions through the application process.

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1. What is the link for online application?

Go to to apply online.

2. I’m confused on the examination details part. What options do I select?

Refer to the screenshot below:

3. Until when is the online application?

August 14, 2017 (Monday)

4. I am not an education graduate but have earned units in education. What option will I choose from the drop-down menu?

Kindly refer to the following information:

BS in Nursing Biological Sciences
BS in Physical and Occupational Therapist Biological Sciences
BS in Pharmacy Biological Sciences
BS in Medical Technology Biological Sciences
Doctor of Dental Medicine Biological Sciences
BS in Nutrition/Dietician Biological Sciences
BS in Physics Physical Sciences
BS in Chemistry Physical Sciences
BS in Food Technology Physical Sciences


BS in Electrical Engineering Mathematics
BS in Civil Engineering Mathematics
BS in Industrial Engineering Mathematics
BS in Mechanical Engineering Mathematics
BS in Architecture TLE


BS in Commerce Social Studies
Bachelor in Business Administration Social Studies
Bachelor in Office Administration Social Studies
BS in Interior Design TLE
BS in Accountancy Social Studies
BS in Computer Engineering Mathematics
BS in Computer Science Mathematics
BS in Fine Arts TLE
BS in Agricultural Business Agri and Fishery Arts/TLE


BS in Cooperatives Social Studies
BS in Political Science Social Studies
BS in Economics Social Studies
AB in Public Administration Social Studies
BS in Public Relations Social Studies
BS in Social Work Social Studies
Bachelor in Customs Administration Social Studies
BS in Tourism Social Studies
BS in Foreign Service Social Studies
BS in Guidance and Counselling Social Studies
BS in Psychology Social Studies/Biological Sciences


BS in Theology Values Education
BS in Philosophy Values Education
BS in Humanities Values Education


Bachelor of Arts Refer to Any Major or Minor


5. How will I pay the examination fee?

Applicants or any authorized representative shall pay examination fees at the PRC Cashier in the Central Office or any Regional Office. Present your proof of successful application

6. How much is the examination fee?

40 USD or roughly 2000 PHP

7. Where can the application documents be submitted?

Application division of the PRC Central Office or any Regional Office, unless already submitted with the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok which shall forward the same to the PRC office.

8. How will I know if my application is okay?

Conditionally-approved applicants shall be posted at the PRC website.

9. Where is the venue of the licensure examination?

Standby for more updates. The venue will be announced later.

For the complete SPLE announcement, please visit the Philippine Embassy’s website.

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