Free ATM and Tesco Lotus E-voucher worth 200 baht for the first Krungsri Western Union Transaction


Do you still not have a Krungsri Bank savings account? Are you also sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines? With the Krungsri Savings account and Krungsri Western Union online, you will never have to go to Western Union branches to send or receive money.

Krungsri Western Union is offering a Free ATM worth 300 baht until August 10, 2020. In addition, on your first transaction using Krungsri Western Union (online, ATM or call4WU service), you will receive a Tesco Lotus e-voucher worth 200 baht. With the first transaction (send or receive) done on or before 30 June 2020, an e-voucher will be sent via SMS to your mobile number on 15 July 2020; and on 14 August 2020 for the first transaction from 1 July-10 August 2020.

To open the savings account, kindly bring the following requirements:

1. 500 baht initial deposit, original passport, and work permit

2. If there is no work permit, please use only one of the following:

a. A one-month contract for your bedroom or house with a copy of your landlord’s national ID. Please don’t forget to have it signed by your landlord.

b. Certificate of Residence from our Embassy here in Thailand

Free ATM and Tesco Lotus E-voucher worth 200 baht

You can open from any Krungsri Bank Branches. Just mention to bank personnel that it’s for the Krungsri Western Union free ATM promo.

For more details or any concerns encountered during the process, please call 02-296-2345. Please kindly add a KWU Facebook group account for you to keep up to date with KWU promotions at

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