Foreigners marooned in Thailand due to Covid-19 can now stay until at least 29 Jan 2021


BANGKOK – Foreigners who still cannot fly back home due to the Covid-19 pandemic can stay in Thailand until 29 January 2021, said an announcement from the Thai Immigration Bureau.

In an order released earlier this week (unofficial translation below) which   posted, “foreigners who apply for and are granted a new extension for a fee of 1900 baht.”

The extension of stay would be “valid for 60 days from the day a person’s current permit to stay ends or from the date of application.”

To simply put, foreigners stranded in the country could potentially stay in Thailand until the end of March if they applied for a new 60-day extension on or near January 29th.

The order reads:

Due to the continuity of the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 outbreak in countries around the world, affecting the departure from the Kingdom and the stay in the Kingdom among foreigners, it is considered to extend the duration of stay as per the letter until 29 January  2021.

Foreigners on a temporary extension that are due to expire on 30 November are advised to visit their local immigration office on Monday for a further extension.

Thanks to Thai Visa Centre for the information.
Source: Thaivisa
Photo: Don Muang Airport Fb Page

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