Foreign nationals including 1 Filipino arrested at a house party in Sattahip


Law enforcement on February 15 arrested several foreign nationals, which include 1 Filipino, for allegedly breaking the emergency decree in the Jomtien area by having a house party.

After being notified of the event at 9:30 PM, Huayyai Police responded to a complaint and arrived at a house in the Na Jomtien sub-district where they arrested 12 Chinese, 2 Cambodians, and a Filipino.

According to The Pattaya News, although no evidence of drugs was reportedly found after conducting urine drug tests, the group is facing charges for gathering many people in a small place during the pandemic, illegal entry, and overstaying — adding that they are likely to face heavy fines and potential jail time too.

Five of them reportedly were on overstay or had illegally entered Thailand.

Police continue to warn the public that gatherings and parties without social distancing, mask-wearing, and other Covid-19 precautions are against the emergency decree situation currently.

Source: The Pattaya News

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