Foo Fighters Announce August for their Bangkok Concert


Foo Fighters are coming to the capital Bangkok to entertain their fans. However, reports last month had no clear indication as to when exactly they are performing. Fortunately, we now have a date and we want you to save it.

Jamm, an event company, announced yesterday morning via their Facebook official fan page that the American rock legends will rock the night away on August 24 at Impact Challenger Hall 2.

The earliest tickets that are now out for grabs can only be purchased if you sign up for the pre-sale on the band’s website which you can visit in this link. The pre-sale is up until Saturday with ticket prices ranging from 2,500 baht – 6,000 baht.

Starting on Monday next week, fans and those wishing to see the band can purchased their tickets via Thai Ticket Major with 6,500 baht as the most expensive concert ticket.

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