Five facemasks sellers sentence to jail for overcharging


Thailand’s Criminal Court sentenced yesterday to time in prison five facemasks sellers who overcharged. 

The court ruled that the five defendants, namely Ms. Dao Trithewee, Mr. Pongpan Somsut, Ms. Namfon Oeisiri, Ms. Umaporn Munkong and Ms. Nup-isara Khorsook, were opportunists who had preyed on people in distress.

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Ms. Umaporn, who sold 4,000 facemasks, was sentenced to three years, commuted to one year and six months. Ms. Dao, who sold 750 masks, was sentenced to two years, commuted to one year. Namfon, Pongpan and Nup-isara were given six months each.

Two other traders, Ms. Nisara Maharuankwan and Mrs. Tassaporn Chanthanapitarn, were jailed for six months each, suspended for two years, and fined 25,000 baht each.

Source: Thai PBS World

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