Fisherman finds fish with human-like face in southern Thailand


KRABI — A fisherman collecting crabs 20 kilometers offshore at Bong Bong Island in Krabi province found a very unusual type of fish.

Prasert, 33, decided to bring the fish back to the port saying it was his first time seeing such fish. Local elders also said they’ve never seen anything like it.

In a report from Daily News, the fish with white spots near its tail weighed 2.7 kilos, was 42 cms long and had a face like a human with eyes perched on top of its head. It had a particularly big and thick mouth but no teeth.

Prasert said he didn’t dare eat it.

Dr. Thatsaphaphon Krajangdara, an Adaman fish expert, said the fish was known as Pla Uk in Thai or Pla Upayak — adding that it has different names depending on region but it can be found both in the Gulf and the Andaman and was an important part of marine ecology.

It was rare but had recently been described in scientific literature.

Daily News quoted online information that suggested it was Ichthyscopus Pollicaris in Latin but had no common name in English yet.

Sources: Daily News | Thai Visa

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