First Thai to be infected by coronavirus shares her experience


NAKON PATHOM — The first Thai to be infected by coronavirus was a Thai woman who traveled to Wuhan in December.

In an interview with the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT), 73-year-old Jaimuay Saeng shared her experiences during her treatment of the virus.

According to her, she traveled to Wuhan on 25 December 2019 with her family to celebrate New Year. Without her knowledge, however, she contracted the coronavirus while holidaying.

When she returned to Thailand on 3 January 2020, she started feeling sick. Her family took her to Nakornpathom Hospital for treatment where she was monitored for days.

Specialist doctors of the heart and respiratory illnesses tried to find a way on how to best help her during the early stages of her confinement in the hospital.

Doctors revealed after a thorough medical test that she got infected with the virus for 12 days out of the 14-day incubation period.

Jaimuay was given specific treatments and medication due to her conditions like thyroid and high blood pressure. She was also allowed to contact her family but was required to stay away from them to prevent the spread of the virus. There was a psychiatrist that took care of her during the recovery process as it was emotionally and mentally stressful.

After nine days, she was discharged from the hospital — completely free from illness.

Jaimuay even joked that she was “lucky” not only to have been infected by the virus but the first Thai person to be confirmed of such.

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