Fingerprint scanning to be introduced for all new Thai SIM cards in May


Bangkok – The National Telecoms Authority will soon launch a mandatory finger print scanning for applications for new Thai SIM cards next month.

According to a report from ThaiTech, a dedicated technology information page of ThaiVisa, information from the scans will be stored at the authority’s facilities.

There will be 600 machines operational split between AIS, DTAC and TRUE corporations during the initial stage. But a rise to 8,000 machines is expected before this year ends, the report said.

Kasetsart University developed the software which is requested to be rolled out in May.

Authorities and SIM card retailers already negotiated, and the fingerprint scanning is expected to start next month.

The authority said that the cost of scanners is not expected to be high and that the finger printing will soon be able to be done at shops nationwide, the report added.

Source: ThaiTech

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