Multiple-entry visa to China to be made easier for Filipinos


Manila, Philippines – According to Jose Santa Romana, Philippine Ambassador to China, the increase of Filipinos visiting China will have another reason to smile as acquiring multiple-entry visa to one of Asia’s major regional power will be made easier.

The ease in acquiring multiple-entry visa for Filipinos will help them land a job in China, Santa Romana said. China can offer English teaching jobs and other skilled working class jobs to Filipinos, he added.

“The Chinese middle class is growing real fast and there is a Chinese elite that is becoming more prosperous. And so they are able to pay higher salaries compared to what’s prevailing for example in Hong Kong,” Santa Romana said at a press conference in Beijing.

When President Duterte’s arrived at the Davao International Airport from Beijing, he mentioned the employment opportunities that will benefit particularly the Overseas Filipino Workers.

Although the relationship between the Philippines and China has improved, hence opening new trade and employment jobs, the South China Sea territorial dispute is still unresolved.

On Friday, the Philippines and China will have their first meeting on the bilateral mechanism tackling the matter, GMA News reported.

The arbitral ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration favoring the right of the Philippines and nullifying the claim of China over a part of the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea may be tackled at the right time, added Santa Romana.

This is to ease the tension. For one year, we’ve been able to prevent it, Santa Romana added.

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