Filipinos in Phitsanulok gather for the annual sportsfest


PHITSANULOK, Thailand – In an effort to bring together the Filipino migrants in the lower north of Thailand, the Pilok Pinoyz kicked off the Palarong Pilok Pinoyz 2019 on May 12 at Pibulsongkram Rajabaht University Indoor Sports Center.

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At least 120 members coming from the provinces of Pichit, Kampaheng Phet, Sukothai and Phitsanulok gathered to participate in the official opening of the annual sports event which is set to convene its finals on June 16.

In an interview, John Patrick Benliro, the newly elected Pilok Pinoyz president said the council would like to restore P’lok Pinoyz to its former glory and promote a healthy lifestyle while instilling the value of sportsmanship.

“This event is our way to foster unity among the old members and to welcome the newcomers in the community to make them feel they have a home away from home,” Mr. Benliro said.

“We want to bring back the smiles and the eagerness of the Filipinos to see other members, and we believe that we can make it happen thru sports,” he added.

Among the major sports events in the “palaro” 2019 include basketball (men), shooting (women), volleyball (men and women), badminton (men and women) and table tennis (men and women).

On June 16, more traditional Pinoy games will be showcased including “tumbang preso”, “takshapo”, chinese garter and sack race to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day.

Anthony Magayon, the sports commissioner of Pilok Pinoyz 2019, said “cash prizes, trophies and medals await the winners of the “Palarong Pilok Pinoyz 2019.”

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