Filipinos in Phitsanulok celebrate Sinulog


Notwithstanding the limited time for rehearsals and meager resources for costumes and props, the Saint Nicholas Church Foreign Community in Phitsanulok, Thailand successfully staged the Sinulog Dance offering for the Senior Santo Nino on January 15, 2017 at Saint Nicholas Church.

As in the previous years, Santo Nino devotees danced to the beat of the lively Sinulog Music to open and close the Sunday English Mass.

In his homily, Reverend Father Ronnie, OMI; challenged the mass goers to possess childlike virtues – simple, humble, loving and forgiving.

He pointed out that when life is difficult, let the children be a reminder that life is still beautiful.

“Keep everything simple. Be like a child. Laugh at your own mistakes and cry sometimes if you need to”, he said.

“Sinulog,” which is an annual cultural and religious festival, lasts for 9 days and culminates on the third Sunday of January through a grand parade leading to the basilica where festival performers reenact the Christianization of Cebu.

“Sinulog” is a Cebuano word which means “graceful dance”. Its etymology roots from the word “sulog” which refers to the water current movement and also describes the forward-backward dance step of Sinulog.

Miss Letty Comeros, the organizer and choreographer of the event said, “This dance is our way to join the millions of Filipinos all around the world to express our love and thanksgiving to the miraculous image of the baby Jesus”.

“May He be pleased and be glorified with this simple offering and grant our hearts’ desires,” she added.

Meanwhile, a fiesta of Filipino foods followed after the mass.

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