Filipino tourists taken to Chonburi province instead of Petchaburi Road


A group of Filipino tourists took a green and yellow taxi from Chatuchak on Sunday. But instead of taking them to their hotel in Petchaburi Road, the driver took them to Chonburi province instead.

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The Filipino tourists sensed whilst on the motorway going to Chonburi that something was not right so they contacted their Thai friend to track their GPS location.

Thinking that his Pinoy friends might be in danger as they were wearing gold and the driver may have been thinking of robbing them, he informed the tourist police of the situation and also contacted JS100 radio station.

At 10 pm, the tourists finally arrived at their hotel. The driver demanded 3,000 baht but the tourists refused to pay. When the police arrived at the scene, the driver drove away.

The driver who was identified as Rangsan was fined 1,000 baht for each of two offenses – making a contracted journey without the meter and taking a circuitous route, Thaivisa reported.

He was also required to undergo 3 hours of training and was pictured watching a video while an official kept watch on him, the report added.

Sources: JS100 | Thaivisa

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