Filipino teacher Roylan Rivera dies in Chainat


CHAI NAT – Filipino teacher Roylan Rivera, a native of Bulacan in the Philippines, passed away on November 25, 2020 at Chainat Hospital due to multiple organ failure.

In an interview with Pinoy Legacy, Rae Marvi Gersaniva, a friend of Mr. Roylan Rivera (Ian Rivera on Facebook), said that Roylan died in the hospital without his family beside him.

“When he was in the hospital, he wanted his mother to come to Thailand so she could take care of him. But because of Covid-19 which requires a 14-day quarantine upon arrival and insurance that cost a lot, his mother wasn’t able to fly to the kingdom,” Rae Marvi said.

Rae Marvi also told Pinoy Legacy that the 37-year-old teacher had been to the hospital many times and that his savings had all been spent on bills. However, the current bill hasn’t been given to them yet but they were told that it would be around 50 to 60 thousand baht.

“There’s nothing left in Kuya Roylan’s savings. Apart from the hospital bill which we still don’t know exactly, we also looked for a funeral service, and the cheapest we’ve found costs about 55, 000 baht,” she said.

According to Roylan’s friend, his family would like his body to be sent home.

“Kuya Roylan’s family is trying to raise funds for the repatriation of his remains. His friends here in Chai Nat, us, are also doing everything we can to raise funds as well. We want his family to see him one last time.”

For donation, you may send any amount to: 

Account Name: Ms. Rae Marvi Formacion Gersaniva
Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank
Account Number: 0598849382
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