Filipino teacher in Sukhothai breaks collarbone in motorcycle accident


SUKHOTHAI — A Filipino teacher in Sukhothai suffered a broken collarbone after hitting a street dog that suddenly crossed the road on Sunday, August 30.

Facebook user Leonil Spellman told Pinoy Legacy that after doing business in the neighboring province of Phitsanulok, he went straight to Sukhothai. He said the road was relatively empty and people were driving at moderate speeds on the road.

“The night was quiet and the only thing making noises was the pack of street dogs barking loudly while running at full speed like they own the place,” the 28-year-old Filipino teacher said.

But while he was traveling, one of the dogs dashed in front of him.

“It was so fast I didn’t have time to react, ” Leonil said, adding that before he was sent skidding across the ground, he saw the dog’s head hit his front wheel. “It was crazy because it stood up and scampered away as if nothing happened.”

Local people helped Leonil and took him straight to the hospital for treatment where he was advised to wear clavicle support for 2 to 3 months.

“No matter how careful you are, bad things still happen. But I’m glad I survived. That is what matters most,” he said.

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