Filipino singer and musician arrested on the job in Krabi


KRABI — A Filipino singer and musician was arrested by the immigration police while he was doing a set in Koh Lanta on February 19. 

Filipino singer and musician Marvin B-A was performing when immigration police arrived at the scene and arrested him.

The authorities determined that he was working illegally as he didn’t possess a work permit.

Marvin together with the person who hired him (not named) was taken to Koh Lanta police station.

According to immigration chief Pol Col Khongrit Suksai of Krabi, Marvin’s arrest was all part of immigration chief Lt-Gen (Big Oud) Sompong Chingduang’s drive to rid Thailand of foreigners acting illegally. He urged the public to continue sending in tips on the 1178 hotline.

On his Facebook page, it indicates that Marvin usually does his business in Boracay. He also has connections to the Rastafarian community.

The information below was lifted from Thaivisa which they posted on Friday, Feb 21.

Marvin told Thaivisa on Friday that Thailand and the Philippines are his spiritual and actual homes. But he has learned his lesson.

He said: “I have not been banned from coming back to Thailand. They just want formality so I said yes.

“They asked me if I loved Lanta or Thailand. I said Lanta is home for me. So they forgave me!

He said this was his first offense in Thailand and added:

“Never again. I must follow the law of Thailand”.

Source: Thaivisa | Naew Na

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