Meet the riders of the Filipin Motosai


A group of Filipino riders in Thailand bonds together to celebrate life and to see the beauty, of the country that welcomes them with open arms.

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Unlike other groups of riders that display loyalty — usually through unpleasant strength of emotion — the ethos of the riders that comprise Filipin Motosai is far from that.

Forging a strong connection

Members of Filipin Motosai play an important role whenever they hit the road. Each of them advocates safe motorcycle riding and road discipline among others.

When not on the go, members help one another in finding cheaper but quality motor parts for their motorcycles to stay in good condition. And in case of problems, help is available anytime.

The group is also looking for a bigger picture. Besides planning to do a “ride for a cause” to remote places where they can donate school supplies to children, they are also willing to be carriers of Filipino groups who desire to conduct medical missions as long as the schedule fits them.

“If we have the means, we want to have a feeding program as well for street children and do other things that can help our less fortunate brothers,” said Charles, one of the group’s members.

“That way, we can give something back to the country that welcomed us,” he added.

A walk down memory lane

The group’s original name was Filipino Motorcycle Brotherhood in Thailand. But due to its inactivity, Gleryx Gacad and Joanner Jimenez pushed for the club to be active again. Thus in 2017, Filipin Motosai was born. Most of the group’s riders were also riders in the Philippines who wanted to continue and share the happiness of group riding.

Since its inception in 2017, riders have since expanded to 25. Members Maverick, Alex, Jaypee, Boni, Bryan, Rolly, CJ, Louie, Robert, Arnel, Ian, Joseph, James, Ross, Jason, Emerson, Danver, Charles, Sonny, Marc, Jeremy, Luigi, and Darius, joined the club to forge a much stronger purpose.

Why ride? 

In an interview with Pinoy Legacy, Darius revealed that each of the riders has different reasons why they ride. “There are those who join the ride to help them move on after a heartbreak, kill time, and those who wish to escape a stressful environment.”

“For me, I ride because I want to see the beauty of nature. It makes me happy to see the magnificent mountains in the horizon, the rivers, fresh air that touches my skin, and sometimes the fog which give me a sense of freedom during the ride,” Darius added.

“Additionally,” said co-founder Gleryx, “we normally ride with our OBR (Official Back Ride) or our spouses. That way, we can keep our relationship stronger as a couple, and for our partners to develop a solid sisterhood with other OBRs as well.

Filipin Motosai
The OBR (Official Back Ride) / Spouses

Come and ride with us

The group’s next ride is yet to be announced, but Darius and Charles plan to ride to Krabi or Phuket. According to them, everyone is welcome to ride with the group as a guest rider.

“Most of our bikes are small so our speed normally plays between 80-100 km/h. So if a guest rider with a big bike joins our trip, he has to adjust to our turtle-like speed,” quipped Charles.

“We are allergic to expensive coffee. Food such as “khao pat” is enough. We also go to the cheapest overnight accommodation. The important thing is we are happy,” Darius admitted.

“If you enjoy your trip with us, we will discuss what things you need to comply and Sir Gleryx will give his final say, Darius added.

As long as you have a motorcycle, safety gears (helmet and pants), and a license, then you’re good to go.

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