Filipino racers win big in the Spartan Sprint race in Chiang Mai


Filipino racers won big in the Spartan Thailand 2022 in Chiang Mai on Saturday.

With 25 obstacles along the path, the Spartan Super (10km) race began on Saturday. About 150 racers from 10 countries participated in the Elite category.

The top racer was American Gabe Heck (1h 10m 04s), followed by Filipino racer Mervin Guarte (1h 11m 50s), and Saddam Pittli from Malaysia (1h 11m 28s).

In the female category, meanwhile, the top 3 came from the Philippines.

Sandi Menchi Abahan stood on top (1h 34m 45s), followed by Marites Nocyao (1h 42m 23s), while Silamie Gutang (1h 44m 30s) clinched the third place.

To win in the “Spartan Thailand 2022 Chiang Mai,” competitors must overcome various obstacles along the trail, such as mud, ziplines, nets and walls.


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