Filipino missionaries need financial help following accident in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI — Two Filipino missionaries are currently admitted at McCormick Hospital after they were hit by a high-speeding motorcycle. Their families and friends are seeking financial assistance.

According to a GoFundMe post of Janice Amihan, her aunt Pappet Amihan and Ms. Gie Gie Callao were attending a conference in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, a tragic event happened when a high-speeding motorcycle hit the two Filipino missionaries. They were rushed to McCormick Hospital for treatment.

“Thankfully, Gigi will hopefully be discharged soon. My aunt, however, sustained a T12 fracture that is impinging on her spinal cord.  It is fortunate that the damage did not cause paralysis but any movement of her torso right now gives her excruciating pain. To alleviate her symptoms and to prevent further damage to the cord, she needs urgent spine surgery,” Janice said.

Janice continued that since her Aunt Pappet is doing missionary work, she doesn’t have health insurance or enough savings to cover the surgery. Additionally, hospital bills are expected to reach 15,000 USD, with 9,000 USD alone for the surgery and the rest for other general hospital expenses.

“The hospital will not operate unless they are paid at least about $4,000. We as a family pooled our resources and hopefully, she will have the surgery tomorrow,” she said.

Janice also showed her appreciation to those who asked how they could help her aunt. She asked them to continue praying for them particularly for pain relief, safe surgery and complication-free on their road to recovery.

“We are also appealing for any contribution to help defray their medical expenses.  Any amount that you donate will be greatly appreciated. If there is any excess, it will all go to their mission called Elpis Ministries,” she added.

You can watch Pappet’s noble cause from the video below.

To donate any amount, please visit the GoFundMe page Injured Missionaries Needing Your Help.

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