Filipino MA student receives inspiring message from Thai thesis supervisor


Filipino MA student/teacher got a lovely message from his Thai thesis teacher and supervisor after his graduation.

“We had JC as a masterpiece of MA English program,” says Dr. Aom Suwannasom of Naresuan University to Juan Carlo Antonio, a Filipino teacher at Naresuan University Demonstration School.

“Before the victory, there were tears, sweat, efforts, and sacrifice.., Dr. Aom said.

“JC was in my writing class three years ago. Among the 7 students, he was definitely the best in class who always shared thoughtful ideas in lessons from his expertise; he also submitted his assignment on time and rarely missed the lecture. When it comes to research workshops and school gatherings, his participation and attention never fail,” Dr. Aom continued.

And because of JC’s thirst for learning, his proposal caught the eye of the Thai lecturer who wanted to supervise him.

“In a few years, his enthusiasm in academic endeavours was much appreciated by the faculty and academic circles. I didn’t hesitate at all when I emailed him that Dr. Payung and I were interested in his proposal and would like to supervise him through the process. Of course, JC has done nothing but MADE US PROUD. Behind his smile and humble words, this guy has been through a lot of difficulties and downs…Anyway we kept going as we set our goals and believed in each other.”

Dr. Aom also shared how the presence of JC’s mother and aunt almost made her cry and thanked the people who supported JC.

“I was almost in tears when I saw his mother and aunties on his grad day. Thank you everyone who has supported him along his journey. Especially, our gratitudes go to Assoc.Prof. Payung PayungPat Cedar and Assist.Dr. Dutsadee Roongrattanakool We had JC as a masterpiece of MA English program.”

JC wrote back saying: “My academic journey with the Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University resembles to painting a portrait of a teacher as an educator, parent, counselor and a researcher. An artist starts conceiving a magnificent and aesthetic portrayal of his subject in a very obscure idea due to complexity of truth, good, and beautiful in a work of art. Nevertheless, the faithful reproduction of the subject for painting yields an awesome masterpiece that draws attention from both art aficionados and ordinary viewers. Given this analogy, it is worth mentioning that pursuing one’s dream is a creative process. This could be achieved through abstractions and ideations.”

Way to go, JC!

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