Filipino ladyboy gets to be interviewed by Thai political party


Deputy leader and former finance minister Korn Chatikavanij of the Democrat Party together with former medical doctor/actor turned politician Kanawat Chantaralawan, released a video tackling issues involving the LGBTQ.

The 9-minute video under the name “New Dem” or New Democrat featured a Filipino ladyboy.

Korn asked her who she can impersonate, and she quickly replied “Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)”. Her answer sent a quick smile from Korn and Kanawat.

When asked about more pressing issues regarding the support the LGBTQ is getting now, the Filipino ladyboy was positive that more and more people are supporting them.

“I think it’s really good that everyone now is supporting the LGBTQ because before we have to fight for our own rights, which is everywhere we go people are always judgemental to us. Not only for the trans, but for being gay, for being lesbian. But now it’s nice that a lot of people are supporting the community and to educate other people who don’t know the real meaning of LGBTQ.”

Watch her interview in the 1.28 mark.

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Marcus Felipe