Filipino couple sent back to the Philippines after their arrest in Thailand


A Filipino couple arrested in Thailand has been sent back to the Philippines to face carnapping charges.

Suspects Louie David and Aurea Taruc were reported to be on the red notice list of the Interpol for carnapping charges in the Philippines.

According to “24 Oras” Weekend report on Saturday, the arrest warrant for the couple was released in September 2017 due to a carnapping charge filed in 2016. They both flew to Thailand in 2018 to escape.

David, who maintained he did not steal the car but admitted pawning, said he planned to retrieve the car. However, the person whom the car was pawned to could no longer be found.

He left the Philippines when he started receiving death threats and work in Thailand as an English teacher.

David also stressed that his partner, Aurea Taruc, had no involvement on the case.

“We’re looking at the possibilities that there are people who know them who will go to us and that there are more cases to be filed against the couple,” Police Brigadier General Remis Medina said.

The couple is currently jailed at the Criminal Investigation and Detection unit of the Quezon City Police District.

Source: GMA News

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