Filipino boxers train in Thailand for Olympic qualifiers


THAILAND — Filipino boxers of the Philippine men’s boxing team are training in full swing in Thailand in preparation for the Olympic boxing qualifiers in Amman, Jordan next month.

According to Ed Picson, secretary-general of the Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines (ABAP), the Filipino boxers are going to train for two weeks in a training camp outside Bangkok.

They will return to Manila on February 26 and will fly to Jordan two days later.

Last month, the Philippine men’s boxing team also trained in Thailand for the competition originally scheduled on February 3-14 in Wuhan, China.

But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the International Olympic Committee was forced to change the slugfest venue to Amman, Jordan on March 3 to 11.

There is only one tournament in Jordan for the two qualifying events for those wishing to play in the Olympics.

On Mayo 13-24, boxing hopefuls who didn’t get through in the continental qualifiers for their Olympic dream will have one last shot to be on the list in the World Qualification Tournament in Paris, France.

Photo: REUTERS/Eloisa Lopez

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