Filipino band WATCHINANNGO record their first single in Bangkok


Generally categorized as safe to listen to, WATCHINANNGO is a three-piece band whose members hail from the southern part of the Philippines, specifically Cebu and Bohol, but now currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Their music is a work in progress from the amalgamation of the 90s to the present “Rock and Roll” genre and has been making and performing music in the city for the past 2 years.

Watchinanngo members Josephus Bartin, Jerome Torrefranca and Ulysses Garcia originally met at a gig in late 2016 while doing separate projects and they decided to come together to bring some musical flavors from home (Philippines) to the thriving music scene in Bangkok City.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Slowly but surely solidifying their singles, the Band just recently released a couple of live recording music videos molded at Brownstones Studios in Onnut 25, mixed by none other than Mr. Truman Dave.

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