Filipina teacher in Laos unconscious after giving birth, needs financial aid


A Filipina teacher in Laos became unconscious days after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

Princess Joy Genaro and her common-law husband Raymund Unajan welcomed on Thursday last week their baby boy. But a few hours after delivering the baby normally, Princess suffered massive bleeding that required an immediate operation. The doctor in Laos who performed the operation told Raymund that Princess’ cervix didn’t close, hence, the bleeding.

On Friday morning, Princess suffered internal bleeding and her condition worsens, declaring her 50/50 by the doctor. She had her second operation that day.

The couple’s ordeal didn’t stop there. Princess had another operation which took place on Monday. “The sponges that the doctor put in her abdomen on Friday were removed, ” Raymund told Pinoy Legacy. “But after the operation, she became unconscious.”

Kidney dialysis was offered to be performed to Princess but Raymund refused. That prompted Raymund to take Princess to Bangkok Hospital in Udon Thani instead.

According to Raymund, Princess is still unconscious until now and he doesn’t know until when they’re going to be in the hospital. He is asking fellow Pinoys in Thailand for financial assistance to help them in these trying times.

To help Raymund and Princess, you can send your financial aid to:

Name: Mr. Jerome Torrefranca
Bank: Krungsri
Account Number: 5311408163

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Note: Raymund doesn’t have a Thai bank account as he is working in Laos. Therefore, he asked his friend Jerome to receive whatever amount our “kababayans” donate.

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