Filipina Fuschia Anne Ravena wins transgender pageant in Thailand


Fuschia Anne Ravena of the Philippines won the crown on Saturday as Miss International Queen 2022 in Thailand.

The 27-year-old Pinoy bested 22 other contestants for the crown, with contestants from Columbia and France winning second and third place, respectively.

“My first message to everyone is to spread love and peace and unity because that is the most important thing that we do as of the moment and what’s happening in the world right now,” said Fuschia Anne Ravena who wore a glittery-silver evening gown.

The pageant was halted for almost two years because of the pandemic. It returned to the Thai seaside town of Pattaya during Pride Month to also celebrate gender equality, said Alisa Phanthusak, the CEO of Miss Tiffany Show, the organizer.

“Pride together is mean that if we are together and put the same message to let everyone understand (equality), we will win somehow, to get something from the society, to get the understanding, to get the law that we want, to eliminate discrimination within the country and also the world,” she told Reuters.

Launched over a decade ago to empower transgender women to feel more accepted by society, Miss International Queen is now considered to be the largest and most popular transgender pageant in the world.

Sources: Reuters | The Nation
Photo: Miss International Queen Pageant Facebook

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