Filipina expat escapes injuries after car accident in Phuket


PHUKET: No serious injury befell Filipina expat Ma. Elaine Pineda when the car she was driving hit a concrete gutter where the road is being widened at the turnoff from Thepkrasattri Rd to Phuket International Airport late on the night of November 7.

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The car rolled onto its roof then rolled back onto its wheels before coming to a halt in the middle of one of the construction lanes. A little further down the road is a damaged road sign.

After Thalang Police was informed of the accident at 11:20, Captain Warawud Sansop together with rescue workers arrived at the scene. There they saw a black Phuket-registered Toyota sedan in the middle of the construction lane with heavy damage to its front and its roof.

Pineda, 35, who was waiting at the scene, seemed uninjured. She told the police that she was with a Belgian named “Isane” at the time.

After receiving a breath test at the police station which showed negative for alcohol, the police charged the Filipina expat with reckless driving causing damage to property and a fine of 400 baht.

Damages claims between the two parties will follow later, the report added.

Source: Phuket News

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