Filipina at language school arrested for not having “stamp in” on passport


A Filipina registered as a student at a language school in Chiang Mai was arrested for not having an entry stamp in her passport. 

In a report from Neaw Na, Ms. Domingo, 58, left the country over the border at Mae Sai when her visa expired and came back to Thailand via a “natural border.”

However, when Division 5 Immigration police carried out a routine check on people registered at the school, Ms. Domingo’s passport is missing the stamp in but it does have a stamp out.

She told immigration that she didn’t think she had done anything wrong as she had then reapplied to the language school to extend her period of study.

Naew Na did not explain exactly what was meant by coming in through a “natural border” in their report of this case from a news conference held at immigration HQ in Bangkok yesterday.

Ms. Domingo was held for illegal entry into Thailand.

Source: Naew Na | Thaivisa

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