Female employee finds python wrapped around car engine


People at a used car showroom panicked after a female staff opened the hood of the car and found a 4-meter long python wrapped around the car’s engine. 

Recuse workers rushed to the scene after being notified that a large snake was found under the hood of the car in a used car showroom in Phitsanulok on November 23.

According to a local report, the employees initially tried to remove the snake from the hood but it slithered into a very deep spot.

The snake tried to attack the people several times whenever its head comes out, which caused a lot of panic among the employees involved in the incident.

Mr. Chaturong, another staff at the shop, said that he usually catches little snakes that come into the car regularly because the area behind them is bushy. However, this one is bigger than any he had ever seen.

The female staff who saw the snake recounted that she was about to clean the said car. When she opened the hood, she saw the snake curled up around the car’s engine. That was when she ran off in panic.

The snake was safely removed from the hood and was released back into nature.

Source: Phitsanulok Hot News

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