FATHER’S DAY 2562 B.E.: Veneration for the Father of the Nation


BANGKOK– In a few days, the Kingdom of Thailand will be honoring the role of Fathers not just as a general celebration but also for the veneration of The Father of the Nation, the King of Thailand.

Thailand’s Father’s Day on the 5th of December was the birthdate of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej better known as Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) alluding to its dynastic name.

The King was discerned by many as head of conglomeration, stalwart and as security of any family unit. As father and Monarch, His Royal Highness has set an epitome of every family in the country, the veracious connotation of “Fatherhood”.

On this occasion, a massive influx of Thais is expected to traditionally pour onto streets to joyfully pay homage and make a wish for longevity.

Offering both symbolic objects Phuang Malai and Dok Phuttharaksa has been conventional during this jovial celebration. I often make merit and spend time together with my family when I am at my province in Yasathon (Northeast on the Chi River of Thailand)” asserted by Mr. Adisak Boonchan, a Thai-Native teacher.

Extremely, the precise nature of this year’s prominent celebration will likely to continue annually.

Thus, the scale of it will take a more dedicated opportunity to be grateful not just only to the concept of Kingship but also more than far-reaching onto different aspects.

Veneration for the Father of the Nation

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Kenneth Faisal

Kenneth Faisal

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