Family finds snake curled up under their pillow


A family of 5 got the shock of a lifetime after realizing that they slept all night with a snake curled up under the pillow.

Ms. Nattawadi of Buriram Province narrated that she and her husband, as well as their 3 children, slept together on the bed.

They all slept soundly that night except for their youngest who was acting a bit different. Her baby even refused to drink the milk she prepared for him.

In the morning, her husband went to work. The two elder boys, meanwhile, were playing next to each other while the youngest was sleeping.

Thinking the baby might roll off the bed, she picked up the pillow but was shocked to find a 2-meter black snake curled up under it. She quickly grabbed all her children before shouting for help.

The neighbors came using a PVC pipe to lure the snake into the pipe hole but failed. One of them caught the snake’s tail and dragged it out of the house. He then swung it back and forth to make it exhausted before releasing it.

In a report from Khaosod, the snake was identified as a non-venomous pytas or “rat snake”.

“I would like to remind people who have a one-story house to be careful of animals especially poisonous ones entering the house.”

Source: Khaosod

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