Fake virus protector necklaces on the market seized


PATHUM THANI — Police and officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seized fake virus protector necklaces which claim to protect the wearer from viruses, including the Covid-19.

On March 8, officials searched a home in Thanyaburi district of Phatum Thani and another home in Bang Khen, Bangkok after they were notified that the buildings were used in storing items that claimed to have the ability to protect someone from viruses.

The fake virus protector necklaces sold for 300 to 500 baht per item were advertised containing chemicals that kill bacterias and viruses floating around the wearers. Customers were also told they no longer need to wear a mask if they wear the necklace.

According to the officials, two men were discovered guarding the products called “Virus Shut Out”. The men stated that each of the necklaces was sold at 400 baht. The FDA is testing the product to see if they contain Chlorine Dioxide.

This is not the only product that claims to kill the Covid-19 virus. Many online sellers are advertising false products such as pens, fans, and other goods.

Officials are worried that customers who believe the claims might wear these necklaces and throw away hygienic protection measures against getting the virus, such as wearing medical masks and frequently washing the hands.

Source: Thai Residents

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