Prepare! Facebook may face government shutdown


Bangkok, Thailand – Facebook users and advertisers in Thailand are in trouble in accessing their accounts, as the largest social media network faces immediate shut down from the government.

The Thai government is putting pressure to Thai Internet Service Provider Association (TISPA) to shut down all access to Zuckerberg’s creation as early as Tuesday morning, if the social network continues not to take down every post the government of Thailand deemed illegal.

According to TISPA, the content delivery network (CDN) coming from the giant social network server could be disconnected if it fails to meet Tuesday’s 10am deadline set by the government to remove illicit URLs or posts from its site.

“If the relevant Thai authorities find any illegal content from in our system – particularly the 131 URLs which have not yet been removed – concerned authorities will request that we shut down the CDN of and other parts of the network to block such illegal content,” said the email TISPA and internet gateway providers (IGG) sent to Facebook’s managing director on Friday.

“This action may affect the entire delivery services of to customers in Thailand,”

TISPA said that the government have requested Facebook to delete 131 illicit posts. The Criminal Court has signed orders to take down the posts, otherwise the Thai unit of the US social media giant will face legal action.

That was last week.

Now, the government has no interest in taking legal action, and is prepared to shut down the social network entirely, TISPA said as reported by Bangkok Post.

Source: Bangkok Post

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