Expert warns COVID wave may be several times stronger than the first two


Dr. Pongsakorn Chindawatana, Bangkok Hospital’s senior director of communications, posted a warning on Facebook regarding the current Covid-19 wave.

He encouraged people to take care of themselves as the latest wave may be several times stronger than the first two waves.

Two labs reported having a hundred cases that came back positive, adding that some medicines were in short supply. He also said that he expects 1,000 cases a day.

He urged the public to avoid large gatherings such as parties, visits to pubs, as well as entertainment venues.

Dr. Pongsakorn also suggested not to visit younger relatives who might have been out and, if you go to a restaurant, to only go with family members.

He advised people to always wear masks, wash hands frequently with a sanitizer, take a shower, and wash clothes after going out.

He also said to stock up on supplies to avoid having to go out frequently, and to take care of themselves.

Sources: Daily News | Thaivisa

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