English For All goes national, needs teachers next term


Phitsanulok – In an effort to reform the language proficiency of the country, Dr. Teerakiat Jareonsettasin, Education Minister of Thailand, announced in January during his visit at Sapansam School in Phitsanulok that he plans to expand the English For All project nationwide on the onset of the first term of the Academic Year 2018-2019.

“English for All is a very good project in line with the Ministry of Education policy,” the Education Minister said. “This will reduce educational disparity as it provides opportunity for all levels to access equal education and help create a higher competitiveness”, Dr. Teerakiat added.

English For All
English For All Meeting
English For All takes national stage

After four years since English For All was founded, it will now be included as one of the policies of Thailand’s Education Ministry.

On March 9-10, 2018, Mr. Weerasak Samaksaman, Head of Teacher and Learner Competence Development Division of the English Language Institute of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) under Thailand’s Ministry of Education, along with area supervisors and school directors from Sakon Nakhon, Ayuthaya, and Nakorn Si Thammarat, came to visit Sapansam School in Phitsanulok to discuss the intricate details of hiring new teachers, processing of documents, and managing the project for the chosen schools of the Ministry.

“There will be four schools in total that will be under English For All. These are: Sapansam School in Phitsanulok (North); Ban Phan Saharat Bamrung School in Sakon Nakhon (Northeast); Wat Saothongkao School in Ayutthaya (Central); and Wat Posadet School in Nakhon Si Thammarat (South),” Mr. Weerasak told Pinoy Legacy. “We hope to see more schools to benefit from English For All next year,” Mr. Weerasak added.

English For All
John Benliro, blogger of Khon Philippine and Co-Founder of The Pinoy Legacy together with Mr. Weerasak Samaksaman, Head of Teacher and Learner Competence Development Division of the English Language Institute of OBEC

John Benliro, blogger of Khon Philippine and Co-Founder of The Pinoy Legacy, said on his blog that each school will be needing five teachers (excluding Phitsanulok) next term; 15 teachers in total for the first stage or first phase of the project.

Filipino teachers at Sapansam School, English For All model school

Co-founder and Project Manager of English For All Dr. Warong Dechgitvigrom, said Filipino teachers at Sapansam School have contributed greatly to the success of the project.

Filipino teachers are caring to the kids, passionate about their work and they also have the ability to bring out the best in their students,” Dr. Warong explained.

English For All
Area Supervisors, School Directors, Dr. Warong, and Mr. John

“It’s so humbling that new friendships and connections have been forged. I’m also elated that a local project I helped initiate is now a policy of the Ministry of Education of Thailand. I’m so proud,” John posted on his blog.


Teachers who wish to be part of English For All can contact the following:

Ban Phan Saharat Bumrung School (Sakon Nakhon)
Director: 093-561-4962
Teacher: 096-181-0414
Mr. Thanasak, Area Supervisor: 081-954-9247

Wat Saothongkao School (Ayuthaya)
Ms. Navaporn, School Director: 085-187-1541 / 065-827-9331

Watposadet School (Nakon Si Thammarat)
Mr. Prapan Chainarong: 087-881-5849

“Each teacher will receive 25,000 baht per month” Mr. Weerasak said. “The number of hours per week will be around 21,” he added.

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